Ignite Change, Shape Careers, and Make a Lasting Impact in Tech Leadership!

Ignite Change, Shape Careers, and Make a Lasting Impact in Tech Leadership!

Are you a visionary, a trailblazer, and a champion of tech industry progress?

At the core of WECAN’s Career AcceleratHER program lies empowerment, growth, and transformation – embodied by the remarkable Inner Circle. 

Comprising of experienced VP+ level industry leaders, this exclusive group excels not only in the tech landscape but soars above it. With rich expertise, insights, and stories, they guide and inspire aspiring women leaders, showcasing the possibilities of climbing to VP roles. Representing diverse backgrounds, they enrich the program with distinctive perspectives. The Inner Circle leads and facilitates immersive ‘Office Hours’, quarterly cohorts, and serves as mentors, creating a nurturing environment for growth. Through their involvement, they shape careers and tech leadership, fostering diversity and innovation.

Why Your Participation Matters:

Lead by Example

Your journey from challenges to triumphs becomes a guiding light and inspiration for aspiring women leaders seeking their paths.

Empower Rising Stars

Your expertise shapes the destinies of director-level women, equipping them with essential soft skills and strategic know-how for ascending to VP positions.

Share Your Narrative

Your stories of resilience, innovation, and triumph resonate, helping participants grasp the reality of the VP-level journey and fostering belief in their own capabilities.

Become a Driving Force of Transformation

Your journey has the power to redefine an industry and empower countless women. Step into the Inner Circle and be an architect of change today.

Your path to shaping a diverse and inclusive tech industry starts here.

Join us in reshaping tech leadership, breaking barriers, and nurturing growth. Unite as catalysts for change, setting a new standard of excellence. Embrace the chance to light the path for others. Your Inner Circle role is more than an invitation; it’s a call to shape the future.

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