Ask Me Anything

December 14, 2023
9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST

The Career AcceleratHER program has been created for director-level women aspiring to achieve VP-level or higher.  To better understand how the Career AcceleratHER program works, and how it could benefit you personally, we’d like to invite you to an “Ask Me Anything” Zoom session to be held on December 14, 2023 at 9 am PST (12 pm EST).

Leading Women, Leading Change

    Join this tightly-knit community and be empowered through exclusive ‘Office Hours’ led by senior executive women, confidential quarterly cohorts and mentorship that will hone your skills and prepare you for senior leadership.

Are you a dedicated director-level woman who envisions leading the way in the tech industry?

Seize the opportunity to propel your career by joining WECAN’s Career AcceleratHER Program. This dynamic initiative is crafted to equip women like you with vital leadership skills, cultivate powerful connections with industry trailblazers, and empower you with the confidence needed to thrive in senior tech leadership roles.

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A Program Designed for Acceleration

90 minute-meetings every 6 weeks

Upcoming Topics


Beyond Service, Be a Leader Worthy of Trust

Guest Speaker: Regina Manifredi, Executive Vice President, Crayon

There is no bigger foundation to set as a leader than one of trust. But building those relationships that create an equal exchange is challenging. Regina will share her advice on how to design a talent strategy and executive message that garners supporters and activates others to achieve the business results you need to all ascend.  

Beyond Authenticity, Be a Leader with Market Demand for Her Voice

Guest Speaker: Terri Stephan, 3X Founder & CEO, Board Director

Step into authentic leadership, discover the importance of developing your thought leadership pillars, be heard as the expert in your industry, navigate market demand, and lead with a voice that commands influence and authority.


Beyond Performance, Be a Leader with the Right Business Strategies

Beyond Unicorns, Be a Leader that Enables Everyone to Operate in their Highest & Best Use


Beyond Being Busy, Be a Leader who Designs an Organization Operating Model

Beyond ‘Do More With Less’, Be a Leader who Gets More


Beyond Colleagues, Be a Leader with Political Relationship Mastery

Beyond Reading the Headlines, Be a Leader who Predicts the Future

Why Choose the Career AcceleratHER?

Elevate Your sKills

  • Focus on one key skill demonstrates readiness
  • Office Hours designed to provide practical knowledge
  • Real-world case studies
  • Interactive breakouts
  • Actionable steps

Guidance from
Accomplished Leaders

  • Sessions led by WECAN board members and Inner Circle
  • VP and C-level women
  • Inspiring and Successful
  • Impacted change – now they guide you

Join a powerful network:

  • Quarterly Cohorts
  • Confidential sessions
  • Led by two Inner Circle members
  • Connect with peers
  • Seek invaluable advise
  • Build a supportive network

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: Join Our Exclusive Community Today!

Actualize your potential through a connectiveness with your peers and executive mentors guiding your growth and inspiring your leadership. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of the change and make your impact as the next gen leader. Secure your place now and propel yourself into a transformative journey with the Career AcceleratHER Program.