"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead, a noted anthropologist of the last century

WECAN Annual Sponsorship Benefits*

Sponsors are critical to furthering the goal of achieving equity for women in technology through skill building, team building, and network opportunities.

WECAN is built on a proven set of core values that guide us every day as we strive to provide companies with more mentorship, more opportunities, and ultimately more equity for women in technology.

Career AcceleratHER Participation

Invite women at the director level or higher to participate in a 12 month program that includes exclusive ‘Office Hours”, and confidential cohorts led by senior executive women focused on helping women advance their careers.

The number of participants is determined by your sponsorship level.

Branding Spotlights

Experience specialized branded spotlights, including social media stories/spotlights on your organization’s key people or a showcase on a DEI imperative.  Each branding spotlight will include multiple social sites.

The number of branding spotlights is determined by your sponsorship level.

Unique Office Hour Sponsorship

Proudly sponsor one or more of the key “Office  Hour” events, part of the Career AcceletatHER program.  These 90-minute events are held eight times a year and focus on one specific topic. They not only provide members with a deeper level of understanding, but they allow participants to closely interact with female executives. 

The number of ‘Office Hour’ sponsorships is determined by your sponsorship level.

Corporate Logo Placement

WECAN will showcase your company’s brand by strategically placing your logo on our website, each event’s sponsor community slide, including social media posts that spotlight our collective community.

Premium logo placement is determined by your sponsorship level.

Corporate Sponsor Scholarship

Sponsors at WECAN’s highest level of sponsorship will be showcased as a Career AcceleratHER Scholarship supporter.  Scholarships will be granted to an aspiring leader without the resources to participate in the program

Corporate Sponsor Scholarships are available at the top sponsorship tier.

WECAN Corporate Council

As a sponsor, you will receive an invitation to join WECAN’s Corporate Council, an exclusive board designed to provide input and governance regarding WECAN’s vision and programming.

WECAN Corporate Council invitations will be made available at all sponsor levels.

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